Pearson Education: Raising Exposure

Pearson Education: Raising Exposure

One of the largest education publishers wanted to understand the competitive landscape as it relates to their current and future product offerings and to raise their exposure generally and across education social networks. The brand saw educators becoming savvy online communicators, connected to one another along a spectrum of topics, ahead of the publisher’s knowledge curve.

Ideon’s research innovatively carved into competitive market and blogosphere to reimagine the educator’s teaching and buying experiences. Our strategy mapped various customer journeys, articulating vital steps along the way, transforming the landscape into a seamless, multi-channel experience for educators, forever reversing perceptions of the brand as a catalog and print sales company.

We improved and contemporized its communications, anchoring them in crisp, compelling messages and visual design to trigger positive associations and experiences across all touchpoints, refocused their partnership building with educators, transitioning them into lifelong, satisfied fans, and raised their social exposure and reputation.  Ideon looks to Pearson Education at the top of its class and rallies round as Pearson build community in a new, fresh direction

Gregg Driben, Pearson Education’s former SVP Marketing, is a fan, explaining, “Andrea and her team at Ideon did amazing work. The problem seemed simple but was fraught with challenges to rethink a legacy company and reinvent as one for the 21st century. Through great thinking, great interpersonal skills, great research, strategies and ideas, Andrea and her team gave us everything we needed to compete and communicate successfully. Can’t speak highly enough about the whole experience.”

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