MetLife: Making Impact

MetLife: Making Impact

MetLife, the global insurer, has developed an impressively diverse range of corporate social responsibility initiatives over the course of its 150 year history, and wanted an umbrella brand to raise the impact, delivering a unified story to all stakeholders—employees, communities, and shareholders.

Ideon evaluated existing brand equities to determine how to use social responsibility to stand out in a competitive insurance field. We strategized a new name, MetLife Global Impact, redirected brand story and design to fit MetLife’s diverse social responsibility initiatives from Environmental Sustainability, to Diversity & Inclusion, and the MetLife Foundation, making sense of diverse efforts, in one story to all audiences. Our fast-track program reflected the new positioning, messaging and visual identity on the microsite, in MetLife’s first CSR Report and in the global employee engagement campaign launch on September 22, 2014.

Now, MetLife can continue to tell its citizenship story with a clear narrative, encourage greater employee participation, and shine as an ambassador and leader in corporate responsibility. Ideon salutes MetLife’s honest stock-taking of its heritage to assert its relevance for the century to come.

Nandika Madgavkar, SVP, MetLife, is a fan, saying “Ideon is a powerhouse of ideas! As a top-notch brand strategy agency, Ideon brings to the table deep and detailed knowledge of brand and marketing strategies, a creative, out-of- the-box approach to campaigns and initiatives, as well as, excellent work at a reasonable cost. Andrea, Chief Ideonista at Ideon, is a hands-on leader and equal participant in the entire ideation and creative process. Follow-through and service from her team is top notch. Highly recommended!”

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