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Leroy Merlin: Driving Visibility


Leroy Merlin’s global leadership team came to Ideon to analyze and experience USA retail tech trends to help the brand build a multichannel, reinvented sales experience based on relationships and loyalty.

Leroy Merlin Italia, its French parent ADEO, (a global brick and mortar DIY retailer powerhouse) and their global leadership team wanted to experience the digital transformation taking place in the top US retailers. Ideon identified the most seamless, digitally transformative experiences and led 5 client teams on field trips to stores across New York City. We dove into those US fashion, sports, DIY and other CPG brands that put the customer experience in the center and deliver multichannel experiences supported by ambitious omnichannel platforms. Retailers showed off technology to drive loyalty, including digital mirrors to promote their look books, orders and customer service, and iPhone apps to connect sales assistants to national inventory. The Leroy Merlin team returned to Europe scintillated, motivated and inspired. Leveraging Ideon’s work, Leroy Merlin is now accelerating its digital and omnichannel transformation.

Leroy Merlin’s Global Director of Transformation, Stéphane Vial, is a fan, explaining: “Ideon helped us experience retail visionaries to touch the culture of our enterprise. We discovered firsthand what technologies wow the average shopper and what disappoints, and now Leroy Merlin is ready to take on transformative opportunities to deliver a completely integrated experience to our customers.”

Stefania Savona, Leroy Merlin Italia’s Director of Communications is another fan, explaining “It was exciting to work with Ideon to discover, analyze and comment on best practices in the US retail market. Ideon’s ‘snapshot’ of US retail inspires our local initiatives in Italy and provides key insights and growth ideas for Leroy Merlin’s engagement campaigns over the short- and long-term.”

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