IEG: Engaging Sponsorship

IEG: Engaging Sponsorship

IEG, pioneer and standard-setter in the sponsorship industry was determined to regain its prior leadership position, having lost ground to savvy media agencies and sports and entertainment marketers.

Ideon leveraged IEG’s legacy brand equity from an under-the-radar educator and media provider into a more powerful, forward-looking, think-tank consultancy. We redeveloped IEG’s brand positioning and verbal and visual identity from a bland vocabulary to one that empowers its staff to act as the authority in sponsorship. Our updated logo moved the brand from faceless to a distinctive, cherry-red signature, signifying IEG’s authority over independent valuation and bespoke property sponsorship opportunities.

The new, sophisticated brand architecture, guidelines and website helped reinforce the company’s strategic growth goals, with a dynamic, bold, crisp, big-picture focus and outspoken company culture. Since launch in April 2012, client response has been enthusiastic and clients show up at IEG’s annual conference in wild numbers. Ideon loves that IEG has stepped up to stand out once again.

Laren Ukman, IEG’s CEO, is a fan of our work, explaining, “Andrea and her team at Ideon did amazing brand consulting agency work. The problem seemed simple but was fraught with complexities: “Relaunch a 30 year old company” or “Launch a 30 year old start up.” Through great thinking, great interpersonal skills, great strategies and ideas, Andrea and her team gave us everything we need to compete and communicate successfully for the next 30 years. Can’t speak highly enough about the whole experience.”

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