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Hitachi Capital: Transforming Trade Finance


Hitachi Capital approached Ideon to help build a compelling case for transformation in a highly conservative trade finance industry.

Hitachi Capital America Corp., a global trade finance leader, wanted to create a compelling story about an innovative product in development for the global trade finance market. With its 100-year history, a global network of more than 900 companies and assets over $100 billion, Hitachi Capital buys, makes, sells, moves and finances goods around the world, giving them a front-row seat to the fundamental changes and challenges in cross-border trade. Ideon’s strategy was to develop a simple, clear story to show audiences already familiar with import-export finance (and used to complexity) how collaboration between traders, lenders, logisticians and data analytics could transform their businesses, delivering greater value while also reducing risk. We used Hitachi Capital’s development of superior, original technology and products to inform how we generated a 30-slide PowerPoint document with visually arresting, vividly animated elements. The result is a fresh story that explores and explains the benefits of Hitachi Capital’s transformative solution that is now broadly being shared with international trade finance’s movers and shakers. Ideon reveres the way Hitachi Capital is blazing a path forward, with a clear mission to transform the global trade finance market.

Tom Cross, Hitachi Capital America’s GM of Trade & Supply Chain Finance is a fan, explaining, “Getting fresh, innovative eyes on this branding project allowed Hitachi Capital to reframe the established business challenges to show why our product is a genuinely transformative one.”

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