United Healthcare: Launching an Advocate

United Healthcare: Launching an Advocate

United Healthcare wanted a new internal brand story and value proposition to align around and launch to their key B2B clients. Our key challenge was to leverage the brand’s legacy healthcare equity into something meaningful and to unite employees to rally under the revitalized brand.

While navigating the complex healthcare industry landscape, we developed the value proposition and brand story to appeal to corporate decision-makers in the lead-up to the launch of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Ideon’s braintrust built a new brand strategy, threading the company history across its many offerings and into a core promise to customers.

In a strategic storytelling sales deck, we shifted the brand’s voice to speak with knowledge, respect and appreciation, and its personality to behave as an advocate for consumer choice. To compete in the untamed frontier of insurance exchanges in 2014, we designed revolutionary marketing campaign ideas to grow relevance with all audiences and fuel continuous growth.

The result is a brand that has taken hold internally and externally, clinching corporate sales in the Fortune 100. Ideon cheers on this rallied-around brand, now well positioned to gain a corporate and consumer share in 2014 and beyond.

A C-Suite director is a fan, explaining, “Ideon’s branding has led to much greater market awareness and interest…and to a very successful launch of an entirely new business for our company.”

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