Freelancers Union: Strengthening Structure

Freelancers Union: Strengthening Structure

Freelancers Union faced numerous brand challenges and opportunities as it headed into the new decade. Many, such as brand and communications control and consistency, were the result of the brand’s successful growth, while others were tied to the changing competitive and regulatory environment, and customer wants, needs, and behaviors.

Ideon’s brand audit led to real, practical recommendations that anticipated current and future needs, broadened the brand’s range of authority in advocacy, and better enabled a clear, emotive connection between the brand and members. Our strategic insight gave the brand new tools to manage its communications even as regulations restricted its mastery—and our on-the ground management helped Freelancers Union leverage its processes, people, and output.

We shaped the brand story to make the entire ecosystem more approachable, flexible, and responsive to accommodate the constantly changing world in which it lives and interacts. We created a strategic communications plan to improve, integrate, and rationalize the ambitious and complex array of communications and channels to drive membership for the future.

We did this via a brilliant communications campaign called “Join the Party” to attract all freelancers to the cause. The campaign will create a sense of tangible engagement and widespread enthusiasm for Freelancers Union, and the understanding that freelancers will shape the future of our nation and economy. Join the Party will also reinforce the experience of Freelancers Union’s community and the power of grassroots, collective action. Ideon beat the clock to help this organization solidify a path forward in a stronger position and with clear goals.

Sara Horowitz, CEO and Founder, is a fan, explaining “Andrea and her Ideon team are great to work with—smart, strategic, a quick learn—and to form a team, jump and get the work done. Over the years, we’ve engaged them several times for their clear strategic thinking, compelling communications and marketing management. They are far more than a branding agency and we have come to rely on them as a trusted advisor. Most recently they helped us improve our processes, people and output, and they worked with us so intently and with such care that they nearly became a part of our organization. They are an amazing resource of senior talent and brilliant thinking, and I love, trust and respect their work.”

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