EDC: Blending Value

EDC: Blending Value

New York City’s Economic Development Corporation wanted to name, brand and run a new desk that signaled true commitment to the social enterprise support sector as the “next” high-growth economy for New York City. The challenge was to strike a balance between the desks’ role in creating systemic solutions to endemic problems affecting communities, and its purpose to build new business with social impact.

Ideon’s strategy aligned the brand around a single, easily understood mission to grow the presence and awareness of the emerging blended-value economy. We also set up the desk as an innovation platform and thought leadership position, establishing social capital standards and posing NYC as a role model for other cities.

In crafting the name, we wanted the economic expertise, community talent and potential this desk would unlock to be communicated, hence Social Capital. The result is a fresh, compelling Social Capital desk, poised to empower the non-profit sector and the communities it serves by bringing social enterprise and currency to all New Yorkers. Ideon is heartened by EDC’s support for a new blended-value economy that uplifts everyone in New York City.

Eleni Delimpaltadaki Janis, EDC’s Vice President, Center for Economic Transformation, is a fan, explaining, “I love the name and the pitch deck, not just the language but the focus and the strategic brand planning Ideon did for us and with us. It’s perfect both for base audiences and for ‘persuadables’. I am slowly sharpening the brand message for traditional business and developers. The more I learn the easier it gets. Thank you Ideon!”


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