D’Agostino: Refreshing Focus

D’Agostino: Refreshing Focus

D’Agostino Supermarkets, the 100-year-old family-owned New York City grocer with a scrappy yet sophisticated New York heritage, wanted to know how to compete in the new market landscape, with Whole Foods and Fresh Direct overtaking New York City.

Ideon’s research showed a new generation of New Yorkers had changed D’Agostino’s audience makeup, and that the company wasn’t speaking effectively to these newly minted foodies. When a company runs off the brand track, as D’Agostino had done, it loses focus, fails to deliver steady, predictable growth and customers lose passion and confidence.

Our bold new brand positioning, messaging and merchandising strategy changed the trajectory of the business forever by preserving the heritage of the D’Agostino brand while recognizing the need to remake the brand in a fresh, better-than-ever way. We leveraged hidden assets—such as convenient locations and long opening hours—to give it fresh life and clarity of purpose in its quest to be New York’s favorite Grocer. Ideon is proud to have helped translate D’Agostino’s brand equities for today’s savvy grocery shopper, valuing customers with refreshed engagement and the freshest grocery.

Nicholas D’Agostino III is a fan, explaining “Andrea Katz and the team that she put together from Ideon did a great job on our project. Because of them we are looking at our business in a whole new way. With the help of Ideon we are positioning D’Agostino Supermarkets for the future and getting even closer to our customers. With the help of Ideon we feel we are in a position to more clearly demonstrate our differentiation. We also feel our message to the customer is clearer and better received.”

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