Market Research

Do you know how to use research wisely? Knowledge is power!

Every brand engagement starts with sifting, sorting, and sampling the facts on the ground. You can’t control what you don’t measure, and you certainly can’t change what you don’t know. It’s vital to pinpoint where your brand lives in the market now before you decide where it needs to shift, and we dig deep to uncover data and insights that will lead to better decision-making.

We deploy a wide array of market research techniques, including brand audits, trend audits, competitor audits, customer experience audits and brand perception trackers using blended qualitative-quantitative techniques as well as advanced statistics, decision science, and analysis.

This intrepid voyage of discovery considers all customer touchpoints, from digital to in-store to phone, and reveals the habits, motives and even feelings of target audiences, to inform strategic and creative directions. Data is a powerful tool in identifying current challenges while anticipating exciting opportunities that light the way forward.

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Brand Equity

Chances are there’s valuable equity in your brand. Before you scrap everything, let’s collaborate to understand what equity there is in your brand?

Inventing the future requires a profound understanding of the present so you can identify key areas for future growth, as well as benchmarks for measurement over time. Your brand equity will ultimately be decided by your audiences.

Understanding your existing and potential fans will help bridge the gap between how you are actually perceived and how you hope to be seen. Using market segmentation, we understand specific groups of customers, continually evaluate how to optimize user value, and identify ways to do better.

We’ll analyze your brand to show how your brand contributes to your business today, its value to customers and employees. We’ll also collaboratively identify underlying business opportunities, such as new services, under-served audiences, and under-utilized data. The result is a clear roadmap to new directions and future growth.

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Brand Opportunity

How do you make your brand live in dazzling white space?

Finding a unique market opportunity is the single most important investment a company can make when it comes to growing its business and brand. This is the most compelling business case for change, and we push for it with an innovative, savvy and creative approach, with a healthy pinch of intuition.

Usually, these opportunities manifest as a “pivot” point, where a brand can leverage a particular characteristic or a current trend in the market to drive new business.

We make it our mission to help pinpoint your brand opportunity — the space in the market you alone can occupy, where you will own the national or global conversation — as well as identifying the exact right time to nimbly shift your brand.

Finding this sweet spot for brands is often tricky; it must be authentic, appealing to your customers, and within credible reach. Our 4Cs discipline will get you there.

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Brand Platform

How do you translate your business into a meaningful brand platform?

We love to identify and deploy our 4C’s, refine, and intensify those core brand attributes, to get at your brand’s true raison d’être, and formalize your brand platform to crystallize the brand — your promise, vision, mission, positioning, values. Sometimes even a fresh name, created via our naming service allows you to galvanize and inspire your business stakeholders, employees and, of course, your customers.

Owning the conversation and capturing a space in the market that is all yours requires this strong strategic foundation and often, there’s also a pressing need for a whole new brand architecture to support you in the daily battle to keep your brand’s equity high.

Once we’ve established a rock-solid brand platform, you’ll be ready to take the world by storm.

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Brand Story

Do your customers know and care about your story?

Brand story is all about what a brand says and how it says it. Successful brands speak with a single, completely consistent voice that is instantly recognizable across advertising, articles, websites, social media, and everywhere else. It’s a story with focus and clarity, and no confusing complexity.

Brand story springs naturally from your brand platform, ensuring you offer a clear brand personality and tone of voice, immediately identifiable attributes that deliver a powerful narrative punch.

All content created around your brand needs to authentically reflect the values at the heart of your brand positioning and clearly differentiate you from your competitors, across all channels, in a strong, consistent voice.

We love custom content creation, from brand manifestos to FAQ’s, cheat sheets short- and long-form blog posts and beyond and pride ourselves on creating for you a messaging platform and style that loudly and proudly proclaims your value proposition to the world.

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Brand Design

Are you using the best visual language to communicate your business?

Love, as WB Yeats said, comes in at the eye. In an overcrowded environment, a passing glance is all you can expect; we make that moment count. We delight in creating a vibrant, engaging, constantly evolving visual vocabulary, a brand design, based on the needs and aspirations of employees, customers, and all your audiences.

We deeply understand the power of typography to pack a punch, of color palettes to move emotions, and of image styles to raise your brand design to one that marks you out as incontestably visually unique.

We’ll help create innovative design production, digital design, and packaging design.

With striking visuals to match compelling copy, your brand design will simultaneously catch the eye and engage the mind. With brand guidelines in hand, your visual brand identity is like your brand fingerprint; it’s clearly identifiable across everything you do.

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Culture Training

Does your brand inspire employees? We’re not done yet!

Critical to our 4C’s model, culture is often overlooked, but no brand can thrive without a sense of excitement, involvement, and alignment inside the company. Everyone in your organization—from the CEO to the janitor—is a potential brand ambassador.

Partnering with you, we custom-develop and produce brand training programs to get your culture right, and we design the materials you need to prepare your workforce for the exciting task of evangelizing your brand.

Ultimately, your employees and leadership teams will help deliver — every day — your brand promise exactly as it was meant to be experienced.

Not only does this engagement increase employee buy-in and attract top talent; it delivers greater customer loyalty too. Internal engagement is an essential link in the positive feedback loop that will sustainably amplify your brand’s long-term impact and your business success.

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Brand Activation

Does your brand inspire your customers?

Branding involves an ongoing effort, that never stops. A brand must activate and launch to fanfare, and after all the excitement, keep connecting with customer needs to stay strong, clear, current and consistent. We’ll help you avoid complacency by doubling down with practical guidance for today and tomorrow.

We want your customer experiences to excite across all mediums. From visual identities to digital interactions and experiential environments, we excel at creating and activating great ideas.

Practical, tactical moves will keep you continuing to activate your brand, far into the future. From activating your brand to ensuring your business keeps evolving with your customers firmly in mind, to extending into new markets, we’ll keep innovating and testing, finding new ways to transform you.

Think of us as a strategic and creative deployment force: after we build the blueprint, we apply the right resources and oversee every aspect of activation. Whether activation means a brand campaign, a design system, a product spec, a retail presence, or anything in-between. We’ll also check in frequently to measure your brand shift and business performance against the 4C’s so you stay the course.

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Brand Management

How will the world learn about your business? 

A living, breath brand needs scope to move in a complex marketplace, with all its subtly different messages working in concert so it can give a great performance to the world. Ideon offers a supremely capable, cross-disciplinary team to create a go-to-market strategy to put your brand front and center.

We bring decades of experience from ideating a “big campaign idea” and creative brand management plan to propelling your campaign and launch, activating all assets in a big splash. All this means your customers will love their brand experiences, which look, sound, and feel consistent across all formats, markets, and environments.

Together with you, we make a battle plan that ensures your systems are fully functional and the hatches are battened down when the time comes for brand lift-off.

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Our Capabilities

We work with you to transform your brand from where it is now to an optimal space. The 4Cs are our roadmap.

  1. Currency—Unequivocally center your business and brand on unmet market needs, and deposition all others.
  2. Conversation—Empower your brand to lead and enrich the category conversation, be anchored in the psyche of all (consumers), and capture the spotlight.
  3. Clarity—Capture the single idea that expresses the essence, purpose and ambition of your business, and destabilize competitors.
  4. Culture—Align your internal and external brand to create a culturally engaged workforce.


Together we will shift your brand from its current status to a category-dominating position.