Reinventing the Everyday

The computer keyboard is, by all counts, awkward, inefficient and confusing. Designed in the late 1800’s to avoid typewriter jams, the QWERTY layout—named for the top left keys—slows texting to a rate of 14 to 31 words per minute, while the average speaking rate is about 120 wpm. Countless other dinosaurs are ripe for reinvention, and brands are taking notice. Nest is a company that reimagines “unloved” home products. The brand’s smoke detector uses beautiful design and innovative functionality to build users’ affinity and connection with the device—to increase use, and ultimately, safety. The banking sector, known for embracing technology to constantly reduce costs, is finally rethinking the ATM. Bank of America just launched an interactive super-ATM featuring video-chat, integrating the services of both an ATM and an in-person bank teller. Coin is bringing credit cards into the 21st century, with a single device that replaces all other cards—and syncs with iPhones. The future awaits—which outmoded products will be reinvented next?

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