• Greenwashing Companies

    When companies inauthentically brand their products as green- the public sees right through it.
    On Earth Day, Apr. 22, many companies will be patting themselves on the back for their achievements and commitments around sustainability. But be warned: over-selling your green credentials can get you into trouble. Read more >
  • Read EIDOS #3

    Why do all bank branches look the same- are they too big to brand?
    Big banks have a branding challenge. Nearly all look, act, and sound the same. And in a world experiencing breakneck... Read more >
  • See our new work: ILA

    Ideon rebranded the International Literacy Association, to transform millions of lives through literacy.
    The International Literacy Association came to Ideon to brand literacy as an urgent global cause, elevate ILA’s brand and solve for literacy around the world. Read more >