• Managing Bromance (Brand Romance, that is…)

    What happens when a new partner threatens a brand marriage?
    What if the success of your brand depends, in part, on another brand? No matter how tight the relationship might seem, it’s always subject to change. Read more >
  • See our new work: Leroy Merlin

    Ideon explored retail tech trends with Leroy Merlin.
    Leroy Merlin’s global leadership team came to Ideon to analyze and experience USA retail tech trends to help the brand build a multichannel, reinvented sales experience based on relationships and loyalty. Read more >
  • Brands Acquiring Brands

    It doesn’t matter how big your checkbook is if you’re buying a bad brand fit.
    Big companies looking to hitch a ride on hot trends often break out the checkbook, like Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. But how an acquisition fits the brand is key, and companies don’t always pay attention here. Read more >